Garden Patch Cafe

Ultros | Shirogane | Ward 7 | Plot 37


A cozy library downstairs, an aquarium upstairs, and a cafe/buffet on the main floor. On the library's stage you'll frequently find the owner sketching patrons live, and doling out sweets in between. Unlike most libraries, chatter is encouraged, and bards may take the stage if they wish!You can find the art being made at the stream link above, where chatter about the venue's topic du jour will happen on voice, and music (usually jazz) will play in the background.


We operate under a "pay what you want" system, suggesting roughly 3,000 gil per item, but will not turn away a customer who wants to enjoy the atmosphere and company, and have a little treat, in these trying times.

Sideritis CookieTsai tou VounouHappiness JuiceTriple Cream Coffee
Pixie Apple PieDoman TeaApple JuiceEspresso con Panna
Lemon MuffinMatchaPineapple JuiceHot Chocolate
Coffee BiscuitPixieberry TeaOrange JuiceIshgardian Tea
Snurbleberry TartMulled TeaGrape JuiceEggnog
Jellied HarcotChamomileLemonadeNight Milk